Andes Cuff 2



Eduardo’s original collection is inspired by the hills and valleys of the Andes mountain range. The metal is “hand-wrinkled” using a self-designed tool, making each piece in the collection unique – no two are exactly alike.

Each of Eduardo’s designs is handcrafted in our on-premise workshop. This item is pictured in silver, but can also be made from gold or platinum. Diamonds, precious, semi-precious stones and pearls can be added to most designs to give them a more personalized look. Please inquire with us for pricing and details.


Code: 101 Sterling Silver Andes Cuff 2

Approx. Length: Adjustable 6 to 7 inches

Approx. Width: 37.70 mm

Approx. Height: 5.5 mm

Approx. Weight: 34 grams.


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