Drip Velas Pendant



Taking his inspiration from the Spanish word for “candles,” Eduardo crafts the Velas collection using the “chorreado, “or “dripping” technique. To simulate the effect of wax melting, the chosen metal is “dripped” to create the elegant tendrils characteristic of each piece.

Each of Eduardo’s designs is handcrafted in our on-premise workshop. This item is pictured in silver, but can also be made from gold. Pearls, diamonds, precious, and semi-precious stones can be added to most designs to give them a more personalized look. Please inquire with us for pricing and details.


Code: 1506 Sterling Silver Drip Velas Pendant

Approx. Length: 50 mm

Approx. Width: 22 mm

Approx. Height: 2.6 mm

Approx. Weight: 2.5 grams without chain

Included: Sterling Silver 1.5 mm Solid Rolo 16″ Chain

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