Frequently Asked Questions

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Low Price Guarantee

It is our commitment to provide you with the best value, at the best price. We value your business and strive to keep our prices low, and SAVE you money!

Privacy Policy

We value your privacy. Please view our Privacy Policy for complete details on how we use the information we collect.


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Pricing & Billing

When will my credit appear on my account?

Credits usually take 7-10 business days from the time we receive your item(s).

Buyer’s Guide

How do I buy/redeem a gift cards?

To purchase a gift card for someone, call or come by our studio.  Learn more about gift cards here.

How do I find my product?

To find the product(s) you’re looking for, you may (1) use the navigation menus on the top & bottom of our website. If you have any trouble locating a product, feel free to contact us for assistance!

How do I navigate the site?

To navigate this website, simply click on a category you might be interested in. Categories are located on the top of our website under Collections. If you have any trouble locating a product, feel free to contact us for assistance!

Return Policy

Please note that all sales are final.

Damaged or defective merchandise may be exchanged within 10 days of the original purchase date. As our jewelry is handcrafted, an exact replacement may not always be available. However, within 10 days of the original purchase date, we are happy to exchange damaged merchandise for any piece in our store that is of equal or lesser value.

If any piece needs repair due to normal wear and tear within 30 days of purchase, we are happy to restore it and return it to you free of charge. This offer does not extend to pieces showing obvious signs of neglect, nor can we accept responsibility for pieces that have been repaired by other jewelers.

Additional Support

How do I contact you?

Please click here for our company contact information.