Eduardo is a Jewelry Designer and a GIA Diamonds Graduate
Eduardo’s favorite pastime is custom designing and crafting engagement rings. Whether you are “popping the question” now or upgrading an existing setting to celebrate a milestone anniversary, he will work with you to design the ring of your dreams using state of the art 3D software. Allow Eduardo to make suggestions for you or bring your own unique ideas, drawings or photos to bring to life. Additionally, he will curate the perfect diamond and any precious or semi-precious stones for the perfect fit. Sometimes stones have to be cut to be able to fulfill your request. For the perfect finished, Eduardo is proud to say that he went to one of the best jewelry stone setting schools in the US, New Approach School for jewelers.


Personalized Design Expertise

Eduardo takes pride in working one-on-one with his clients to create custom designs of any kind, including giving new life to treasured heirloom pieces.

Crafting Unique Pieces in Precious Metals

He specializes in handcrafting one-of-a-kind jewelry from platinum, gold, and silver in his on-premise workshop. These exclusive collections are on display in the shop, ready to find the perfect “wearer.”

Comprehensive Jewelry Repair Services

His full array of jewelry repair services includes, but is not limited to: appraisals, expert monogramming and laser engraving, laser soldering, gold clubs laser engraving, pearl re-stringing and changing of watch batteries.

A personal note from Eduardo

I have a GIA Diamonds Graduate certificate from the Gemological Institute of America, and for the perfect finished, I am proud to say that I went to one of the best jewelry stone setting schools in the US, New Approach School for jewelers.

I was born, the second of five children, in Cusco, Peru to a family of humble means. I understood early on that hard work, perseverance, and knowledge were the building blocks on which my future would be built. 

An entrepreneur from the age of 7, I convinced local businessmen to allow me to work with them before and after school (I never missed a day) and on the weekends to help provide for my family. I apprenticed selling produce, baking bread, and gardening; but my innately creative talents drew me to the local craftsmen. I developed a passion for ceramics, art, clay work, and pottery. I “interned” with those who helped me hone my skills and taught me to appreciate the natural wonders of the lands around me and incorporate it into my work.

My passion is the essence of my company. I have been truly fortunate to be able to bring elements of my Peruvian heritage to the United States.  After joining my family in New York, I made it my mission to integrate that which I set out to learn here (through work and education) with that of my learned customs.

It is through my designs that I am able to fuse these two cultures. I bring with me the hardship of my background, that of the working man: working and creating with his hands to provide for his family. I also exhibit the pride I feel for my Incan and Peruvian ancestors in my designs. I am grateful to be able to share this work here in the United States (my home now) because it provided me with the tools I needed to fulfill my dream. In this “internationally friendly” marketplace, unique, creative and culturally diverse crafts are not only welcome-they are sought after. I look forward to providing for this niche.

My transition to jewelry design was a smooth one as I became enamored with how my designs came to life in the metals. I received a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and International Business from Iona College, New Rochelle, NY. Business degree in hand, I then set out to create my own company, Sumaq Design LLC (now DBA Eduardo Accostupa Jewelry Designer)

My journey in the jewelry world started in 2009, my goal was to learn everything that there is about jewelry making, designing, and stones. I have worked with different local designer and masters of the craft in Cuzco, and in Lima Peru, for about 5 years, including with a lapidary craftsman. In order to accomplished all of this, I had to open my own studio in Lima-Peru so that can be my own jewelry Lab, to play and start creating my designs one at the time.

Here in the USA, I have also set up my own studio in my house so my career can take off. I started doing Home Jewelry parties in 2010. Then in 2011 I follow with local crafts shows until 2015. The Holiday Shops at Bryant Park, Lincoln Craft Fair (NYC), Peter’s Valley (NJ), Art’s & Crafts at Bedford Street (CT), Sugar Loaf Craft Shows (NJ and PA),  and at the Arts of Westchester.

I have also exhibit my designs at Peru Moda  (Lima-Peru) in2011, and at The biggest jewelry show in the USA,  JCK Show 2011, and 2012 (Las Vegas)

I have done all of that because I wanted to be ready to open my own store front Retail/Studio, and this became possible in 2015, and here we are and keep writing my own journey.

What I love the most of what I do is this:

“To be able to see ideas, and make it possible using all my skills and my knowledge, and to interact with different people everyday”

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