We offer a wide array of professional jewelry repair services in our in-house studio. 
We repair jewelry in all metals and finishes, and certain repairs can even be done while you wait!

Our repair services include, but are not limited to:

Ring resizing

Wearing a ring that doesn't fit properly can be not only uncomfortable but also risky.
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Precious and semi-precious stone replacement

Eduardo Accostupa Jewelry Designer invites you to experience the art of rejuvenating your cherished jewelry
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Restoring heirloom pieces

Heirloom pieces are more than just jewelry; they encapsulate the legacies of those who came before us.
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Pearl and bead restringing

We proudly present our service, curated to restore the charm of your cherished necklaces.
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Laser engraving services on most jewelry and watches, even golf clubs!

Into the world of Eduardo Accostupa Jewelry Designer, where innovation meets customization.
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Logo laser engraving and signature laser engraving

We offer a sophisticated way to make your mark on jewelry and cherished possessions.
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Diamond Replacement & Stone Tightening

Gemstones are not just precious stones; they are a reflection of your style and sentiment.
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Stone setting

Welcome to the world, where every gemstone is meticulously set to embody sophistication & timeless allure.
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Prong re-tipping

Heirloom pieces are more than just jewelry; they encapsulate the legacies of those who came before us.
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Watch polishing, cleaning and battery changes

Watches are more than mere instruments; they are reflections of style and precision.
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Laser soldering

Our service represents the pinnacle of precision and expertise, allowing you to seamlessly repair, modify, or create intricate jewelry pieces.
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Jewelry Appraisals & more

We offer a comprehensive approach to understanding, valuing, and enhancing your precious pieces.
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Our Repair Work

Checkout before and after examples of our repairing work

Resizing a very detailed ring

This type of ring are very complex to resize, in this case we resize it from size 7 to size 9, but the tricky part of this was to match the design, and the finish. Not easy at all.

Repairing a Louis Vuitton bangle

This was a Louis Vuitton bangle, that broken in 2 pieces, and she wanted to keep it. I when out of my way to create 2 sleeves of silver to give protection and also to give a unique design to this bangle.

Restoring a platinum heirloom ring

This was a platinum vintage ring that the prongs broken and making the diamond fall off. We laser rebuild new heavy prongs and set a new diamond while keeping the integrity of the ring.

Repairing ring which was run over by a car

This gold ring was ran over by her own car, and we were able to restore to its original state.

Resizing and Repairing Gold Ring

This heirloom gold ring, we needed to rebuilt it, it was broken in about 4 different parts and it needed to be enlarge 2 sizes.

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