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Ever wonder what our studio looks like — or what to expect when you come visit? Take a look at the photos below to take an online tour of our studio and store.

Working with silver

You may have noticed that we work with silver a lot in the studio because of its importance to Eduardo’s Peruvian heritage. But do you want to know what goes into silver jewelry making? Learn more by watching some of the videos below which we produced in our in-house jewelry design studio! What Is Pure Silver? Pure silver, also referred to as fine silver, has actual silver content of 99.9%. Because of its high purity, fine silver is too soft to use in jewelry making and is often mixed with other metals to make it harder. Melting and making sterling silver 925 Sterling Silver is

Using the CounterSketch to Design Custom Bridal Rings

If you have an idea for a unique custom design, let us help you bring that idea to life! Whether it’s a brand new piece or a re-imagining of an existing piece, Eduardo can guide you through the process of creating jewelry that is truly personalized. This includes custom engagement and wedding rings, which Eduardo designs using state-of-the-art 3D software called CounterSketch. Check out some photos of CounterSketch in our studio below, and if you are interested in creating a custom piece of any kind, please contact Eduardo to set up an appointment.

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